Why We're So Different

Have you ever gotten your vehicle detailed at a conventional shop?

That process has always been a little inconvenient to say the least! First, you drop your vehicle off at the shop, then take a cab, wait…wait… and wait some more until you get the call (omg yes finally the call)! Then, you get to cab back to the shop to pay them three or four hundred dollars! By the time the process is done you’ve spent $40 on cabs, hundreds more on the detail, and you've planned YOUR entire day around THEIR schedule!

How convenient would it be to just have someone come to your location and detail your vehicle right there?

So convenient right!

And what if the quality of the detail performed at your home was even better than at the shops?

That would be even better!

And! What if the price was significantly lower than what they charge in the shops?

That would be AMAZING! RIGHT?

Well this is exactly what Direct Detailing does for you!

We are a mobile, professional quality detailing company that offers low prices and incredibly high customer satisfaction! We take so much pride in our work and always strive to satisfy our customers. We have expertise in all detailing areas including cut polishing and are even certified as certified Ceramic Pro Installers!

We are so proud of our 20+ Google Reviews which are ALL 5 STARS which really represents the hard work our small local business has put in since we began just a few years ago!

We would love to be able to show you what a wonderful experience getting your vehicle detailed can be. From transparent concise communication, to friendly service and a perfectly detailed vehicle, we promise to make this a great experience for you!

So what are you waiting for! Contact Us today to book your appointment, and let us come to your location and make your vehicle look brand new again!