Our Services and Prices

We offer three main detailing packages that encompass all the professional detailing services and techniques to make your vehicle clean as new! 

1. Full Detail (interior and exterior)

  • Small Vehicle           $279
  • Medium Vehicle       $299
  • Large Vehicle           $329
  • XL Vehicle               $369

2. Interior Only Detail

  • Small Vehicle           $199
  • Medium Vehicle       $229
  • Large Vehicle           $249
  • XL Vehicle               $279

3. Exterior Only Detail

  • Small Vehicle           $179
  • Medium Vehicle       $189
  • Large Vehicle           $199
  • XL Vehicle               $209

Vehicle Size Classification Examples:

  • Small Vehicle  - 2 door sedans
  • Medium Vehicle - 4 door sedans
  • Large Vehicle - mid-size trucks or SUV
  • XL Vehicle - Mini Van, full-size trucks, SUV with 3 rows of seats

We also offer the following additional services designed to shine, protect and restore the exterior of your car:

  • Hand Wax $69
  • Paint Protectant $79
  • Cut Polish (Paint Correction) $149 
  • Headlight Restorarion $35/Headlight

     Why add Paint Protection? 

    • Superior shine and proteciton to wax
    • Stunning hydrophobic properties (water beads on paint)
    • Sleek to the touch
    • Prevents environmental contaminents from binding to paint
    • Lasts 4-6 months

    Why add a Cut Polish (Paint Correction)?

    • Exterior buff with a cutting and polishing compound 
    • Light scratches and swirl marks removed
    • Large scratches significantly improved
    • Smooth glass-like finish to your paint


    RV and Trailer DetailingContact us for a quote!


    Service Details:

    Interior Detail Includes:

    • Vacuum/Dusting/Disinfecting
    • Carpet Shampoo
    • Steam Clean
    • Hard Surfaces Degrease and Protection
    • Pet Hair Removal
    • Odor Removal
    • Leather Condition
    • Door Jams
    • Window clean


      Exterior Detail Includes:

      • Hand Wash
      • Full Surface Clay Bar
      • Tires Cleaned and Shined
      • Rims Cleaned and Shined
      • Hand Dry
      • Window Clean

        Additional charges may apply for:

        • Heavy pet hair 
        • Sapp Removal  
        • Decal Removal
        • Mold Removal
        • Other unusual issues

          Please let us know ahead of time if there is additional work to be done on your vehicle and we can make sure we are prepared! 

          We have five mobile crews in the Victoria, Saanich, and Langford area so we are usually able to find an appointment for you within just a few days of contacting us, and sometimes even on the same day!

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            Please remember, we are a mobile detailing company that operates in Victoria, Langford, and Saanich! So we come to your location and perform the service right there.