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If you would like your vehicle cleaned, and to possibly become part of our gallery click on the green contact button below!

  • Standard Detail - Inside and Out

    The standard detail is our go-to detailing service, designed to get your vehicle as close as we can to clean as new inside and out.

    This includes all processes noted in both the interior and exterior detailing services.

    Small Vehicle $299
    Medium Vehicle $349
    Large Vehicle $399

    This service typically takes 4 to 7 hours

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  • Interior Detail

    The interior detail is designed to get your vehicle's interior as close as we can to clean as new.

    In addition to general cleaning, we use carpet shampoo, steam, odor neutralizers, and hard surface restorative finshes.

    Small Vehicle $229
    Medium Vehicle $259
    Large Vehicle $299

    This service typically takes 3 to 6 hours

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  • Exterior Detail

    The exterior detail is designed to get your vehicle's exterior as close to clean as new.

    In addition to basic wash/wax processes, we will perform a clay bar treatment, tire/rim shine and restore faded plastics.

    Small $169
    Medium $179
    Large $189

    This service typically takes 1.5 ato 2.5 hours

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  • Carnauba Creme Wax

    Our exterior detailing process does include a basic wax, however if you are looking for some extra shine and protection we suggest adding our Carnauba Creme Wax!


  • Headlight Restoration

    Are your headlights fogged up? No problem, we can make them looking like new again in no time!


  • Cut Polish (Paint Correction)

    Are there fine scratches and swirl marks on your paint? A cut polish will smooth those out to make your paint look like new again.


  • Small

    2 and 4 door Sedans

  • Medium

    SUVs with only 2 rows of seats and small trucks

  • Large

    SUVs with 3 rows of seats, large trucks and mini vans.

1. Receive $50 off when booking multiple vehicles

2. Buy a gift card for a loved one, and receive $50 off your own service

Thank you for working with our local business!

Please let us know ahead of time if there is additional work to be done on your vehicle and we can make sure we are prepared! 

We have five mobile crews in the Victoria, Saanich, and Langford area so we are usually able to find an appointment for you within just a few days of contacting us, and sometimes even on the same day!Thank you so much for considering us for your detailing needs.

Please contact us by clicking here or by using the green "Contact Us" button to book your appointment today,Please remember, we are amobiledetailing company that operates in Victoria, Langford, and Saanich! So we come to your location and perform the service right there. 

We also do Boat and RV Detailing - Contact us for a quote!