Cut Polish, Ceramic Coating, and/or Hand Wax

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In addition to an exterior or full detail, we can provide the following premium services to make your vehicle's exterior look immaculate:

Cut Polish

Our full buff and polish service will remove of all fine scratches and swirl marks from the exterior of your vehicle and leave a glossy reflection that will seriously impress. 


  • Small $149
  • Medium $169
  • Large $199

Ceramic Quick Coat

Our ceramic quick coat application will provide a layer of ceramic protection and showroom shine on your vehicle. The smooth ceramic finish will cause water will bead off in beautiful droplets, debris will easily wipe away, and the the finish will leave your car looking better than new. 


  • Small $99
  • Medium $139
  • Large $159

Hand Wax

Our hand wax service will protect and shine your vehicle's exterior and is reccomended to really complete any full or exterior detail. 


  • Small $39
  • Medium $49
  • Large $59


Bundle any 2 of the above services and receive $25 off! 

    Cut Polish, Ceramic Coating, and/or Hand Wax