Exterior Vehicle Detailing

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Our exterior detail is designed to make the outside of your car look, feel and smell like brand new again! 

We comes right to your location anywhere in the Victoria, Saanich, or Langford area and provide you with a proifessional quality detail without the hassel of taking it into a shop!

Our exterior detailing package includes a thorough clean and contaminant removal from the exterior of your vehicle. We use a combination of professional cleaning services including pressurized washing, a full clay bar tre
atment, rim and tire deep cleaning and shining, and engine degreasing.

If you are looking to really add some shine and protection to the exterior of your vehicle, we suggest upgrading to a hand wax or ceramic coating to really protect your car's paint from the elements. 

Does your car have fine scratches and swirl marks you woudl like removed? Our cut polish service will smooth out your vehicle's clear coat to get rid of them!

From Langford to Saanich and everywhere in between in and around Victoria, BC, our mobile vehicle detailing specialists will conveniently come to your home or place of business and take care of your automotive detailing needs while you go about your day. 

Exterior Detail Price:

  • Small Vehicle                  $169
  • Regular Vehicle               $179
  • Large Vehicle                  $199
  • RV                                $17/foot

An example of a small vehicle would be a Toyota Yaris, a regular vehicle would be a 4 door sedan, small SUV or small truck, and a large vehicle would be a full sized truck, van or SUV.

Exterior Detail Includes:

  • Hand wash & dry
  • Full surface clay bar
  • Tires shine
  • Rim clean
  • Engine clean

Additional Services:

    Hand Wax

    Hand waxing involves the application of a relatively light coat of wax to your car's exterior. After a short time, the wax hardens and is then buffed out by our team using a microfibre cloth or buffing attachment of an angle grinder depending on the application. This process removes all but a thin invisible layer that protects your paint while leaving behind a showroom shine.


    • Small $49
    • Medium $59
    • Large $69

    Cut Polishing

    We perform a full buff and polish on your exterior to get rid of all fine scratches and swirl marks and leave a shining reflection that you will love!


    • Small $169
    • Medium $179
    • Large $199

    Please note the health of our customers, employees, and community is paramount to our values as a company. As such, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our auto detailing technicians are equipped with latex gloves, masks, and all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and are trained to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly disinfected after service.



          Mobile car detailing technician applying clay bar treatment