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Full Vehicle Detailing

Full Vehicle Detailing


  • Small Vehicle                  $299
  • Regular Vehicle               $329
  • Large Vehicle                  $369

Vehicle size examples:

  • Small Vehicle                  Toyota Yaris
  • Regular Vehicle               Toyota CRV
  • Large Vehicle                  Toyota Sienna

If the vehicle is in particularly rough shape and requires additional time to adequately detail, there may be a surcharge assessed on site. 

Our full detail is designed in order to make your car look feel and smell like brand new again inside and out! 

Direct Detailing mobile detailing offers the most extensive and meticulous care for the interior and exterior of your vehicle in the Greater Victoria area. Our complete vehicle detailing package includes a thorough clean and sanitization of your vehicle including professional treatments like a clay bar contaminent removal on the exterior, and steam cleaning and shampooing on the interior. 

For scratch and swirl mark removal we offer a cut polish service.  

If you want to add some protection and shine, we offer hand waxing or ceramic coatings also! 

From Langford to Saanich and everywhere in between in and around Victoria, BC, our mobile vehicle detailing specialists will conveniently come to your home or place of business and take care of your automotive detailing needs while you go about your day. 

    Interior Detail Includes:

    • Vacuum/Dusting/Disinfecting
    • Pet hair removal (moderate amount)
    • Odor Removal
    • Steam clean
    • Hard surfaces protection
    • Carpet shampoo
    • Leather condition
    • Window clean

      Exterior Detail Includes:

      • Hand wash & dry
      • Full surface clay bar
      • Tires shine
      • Rim clean
      • Engine clean

      Additional Services:

      • Cut Polish                $89 to $199
      • Hand Wax                 $69
      • Ceramic Coating       $89
      • Pet Hair Removal      $49
      • Sap Removal             $50 to $100
      • Paint Overspray Removal (Contact for Quote)
      • Decal Removal (Contact for Quote)
      • Mould and Mildew Removal (Contact for Quote)

      Please let us know beforehand if the vehicle requires any of the above stated additional services so our crew can be prepared upon arrival. 

      We offer a contactless service option, where you can pay online and simply leave your vehicle in a designated spot for us to clean without any physical interactions necessary. 

      Please note the health of our customers, employees, and community is paramount to our values as a company. As such, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our auto detailing technicians are equipped with latex gloves, masks, and all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and are trained to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly disinfected after service. 

      And remember, we are a mobile detailing company that operates in Victoria, Langford, and Saanich! So we come right to your location and perform the service right there. 

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